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Super Sheep Tap Beta Testing Started!

Our first game Super Sheep Tap (aka iCountSheep back in the days) is almost finished with development. The beta testing has started and it’s debugging time! Super Sheep Tap is an iPhone game developed in Unity. It’s a casual game easy to pick up for everybody but still very challenging to get higher scores. In…

iCountSheep Screenshots and Gameplay Footage!

Here you can find screenshots and gameplay footage video taken from our Core Gameplay Test Build. Please tell us what do you think! =D  

Boom Twins Alpha Report: What We’ve Learnt

As I wrote in the previous post, we finished our alpha test for Boom Twins last Friday. I will first post up some tips and tricks for iOS app test build online distribution. Then there’re sections listed the major feedback and what we’ve learnt from the making of the alpha version. [heading h="2"]Distribution[/heading] First of…