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ex2D With Unity3.5 Support Is Around the Corner!


Say Hi to Unity3.5 and flash build export with ex2D! Finally we got time to work out ex2D compilation in Unity3.5 open beta version. And below is a little teaser of a ex2D-powered-Unity3.5-powered Flash demo! (LOL)     The full set of functions in ex2D will be available in Unity3.5 very soon! We probably gonna…

ex2D 1.2.0 Released, SpriteBorder For Creating Easy GUI Panel

ex2D by exDev Team -- Unity Asset Store

Sorry for the late update, ex2D 1.2.0 was released yesterday but we’re too busy with preparing stuff for IGF China. Anyways here we are, in 1.2.0 we have added the GUIBorder Editor and SpriteBorder component. This mini toolset  allow you to create an GUI panel asset that can be freely scaled to any size you…

ex2D 1.1.3, TileMap Editor And Gui Border Component Preview!

TileMap editor

Another ex2D version released! Our programmer Karas is on fire xD As usual follow this link for more information and more links! Changes in v 1.1.3  New Features Add exCollisionHelper Component Changes Add useBuildColor property in exAtlasInfo Add Anchor(StartFrom) property in exScreenPosition (github issue) Auto Resize Box-Collider will fixed the thick of the box to…

Super Sheep Tap Is Available on Appstore!

After one week waiting, our first iphone game “Super Sheep Tap” finally hits appstore! You can see it here on itunes: http://bit.ly/kdK5KD This is very exciting for the whole aBit Games team. Super Sheep Tap is a simple casual game, but we have put in great effort to make it casual and challenging at the same…

Boom Twins Alpha (iPad) Now Available on Testflight

Here we are boys and girls, this is the project title announcement comes together with alpha test version release! Boom Twins is a full 3D top-down shooter game powered by Unity currently only available on iPad. The game features two cute kids got trapped in their house with tons of zombies hunting their young brainz….