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More Character Sketch For Our Next Game


We are still prototyping our next game. (code name: Magic Girl Adventure no I’m kidding, we will never use such a long code name) It has been going really well and we already had tons of fun playing it. A closed alpha test will happen soon. We will not do open tester recruitment anymore since…

Concept Art for Upcoming Project


Click the image to see large picture! Concept art done by our talented artist Summercards! If you like it please follow us on http://abitgames.deviantart.com/ What type of game it will be? Tell us what you think! DD      

Boom Twins Wall Paper Issue 2

Our talented artist Summercards brings another set of wall paper.   Here you can download the high quality version in 2 resolution: 1920×1080 1024×768 (perfect for your iPad!) Enjoy!

Project Title Soon to Be Announced, Wallpaper Comes First![Updated]

Our first project title will soon be announced in the new year! Before that, enjoy the awesome wallpaper from Summercards!