About aBit Games

We are aBit Games, an indie game develop team.

We are currently working on our second game – Money Witches for iPhone/iPad using Unity.

We are 3 awesome guys all come from console game industry with 5+ years experience, but we just got started with indie developing. We work remotely from home, it’s a very unique experience but still we dream to work in house someday.

It was July 2010 when we started our indie game developing as a couple of hobbyists. We didn’t have a clear goal of what to achieve back then, since we have too little knowledge about the indie game business. We just wanted to get remote collaborate working and come up with our own stuff.

3 months earlier, out of his awesomeness, Wu Jie quit his job and started working on the project full time. About that time we started to believe our professionalism and workflow got good potential. Then we started up this website to get things rolling.


Here to know the developers:

Wu Jie (aka Karas)

Wu Jie was born in Xiamen, a small beautiful city in the southeast of China. He finished his bachelor’s degree with a major in Informatics and Compute Science and worked in Ubisoft Shanghai studio from 2006 to 2009 as a programmer.
After 4 years’ hard working in Ubisoft, he decided to move back to his hometown and became a freelancer.

He has quite a lot of experience and passion in C programming and he hates C++. He also favors a lot of script languages such as Lua and Python. Currently he is devoting a lot of his time and energy on C# scripting for our Unity project. He is also fascinated to create his own game engine in his spare time.

Jie is the one and only programmer in the team. Nothing more to say: his work ranges from fundamental structure to scripting a visual effect for GUI.

He is a crazy VIMer — “I spent lots of my spare time building this vim environment to fit my work — exvim (http://www.ex-dev.com/exvim/).” Maybe you want to check it out too!

Besides video game development, his interest also includes latest technology and table tennis. Oh and I forgot to mention that he is a hardcore gamer, very, very hardcore xD.

Wu Jie’s Twitter: @karasaya – Be aware though he tweets a lot of Chinese!

Wu Jie’s Personal Website: ex-dev.com


Wang Nan (aka nantas)

Wang Nan started his career as a Level Designer in Ubisoft Shanghai. He participated in 4 projects as LD in his 3 years in Ubisoft. He and Wu Jie became friends during that time.

In 2008 he moved to Berlin and started working for YAGER on the upcoming title “Spec Ops: the Line”.

He loves to create stuff, and used to have interests in a lot of areas such as painting, programming, writing, music etc and as a result he has been just another ordinary guy working in video game industry.About a year ago he decided to focus on game developing  to fulfill his dream of creation.

He’s doing various kind of work in the team as you can imagine for a designer: game/level design, making art assets, graphic design (a little bit), management and marketing.

Wang Nan’s Twitter: @nantas


Zhuang Menghong (aka summercards)

He says: ”

Hi~ my name is Zhuang Menghong, this is my story ^^

My web alias is “Summercards”. I started to use it since high school. But back then it was something in Chinese that had the same meaning xD

Currently I’m an artist in aBit Games, working hard every day to build an “ideal” game of our own.

My favorite game developer is RockStar. I was so blown away by GTA3 when I first installed it in my harddrive.

I love reading and drawing Manga since I was a kid. My teacher back then are Saint Seiya and Dragon Ball with no surprise. There’s one time I drew a new moon graphic on the back of my school uniform – just like the one on the back of Iori Yagami lol. I got my ass kicked by my teacher and dean as expected…

I still think Manga is the best thing one can get when his young. You can find ideals, dreams and all other passions and experience that you may not have a chance to get in real life. We then learned to imbue our dreams and ideals into the ink and paper, just like all the manga artists I admire did.

The style I’m currently studying is in between of western comics and Japanese art. In the concept art of Boom Twins, I first sketch the character in manga style (especially the face and experssion). Then colored with comic style. That’s how I created Claire in Boom Twins. ”



That’s our story, you’re so welcome to visit the link here to leave us a message :D