Unity Books Giveaway Winners!

We are happy to announce the winners for our Unity Book Giveaway Contest held together with Packt Publishing last month. It was a great success. A lot of readers expressed their opinion about the Unity books and their needs. I wish I can give each one of you a book but unfortunately we can only choose 6 people:









Congratulations to them! And a huge thanks to all readers that commented in the post. We plan to do this again with Packt Publishing so good luck next time! 


If anyone interested in how did we picked the winners, here’s the process:

  1. We gathered all valid comment (it means you have to at least tell us what interests you in the books), and put the commentators’ names in a list.
  2. We marked comments with detailed information or elaboration, since these comments are more helpful for the book publisher.
  3. We put the names list into this online random name selector: http://primaryschoolict.com/random-name-selector/#
  4. We rolled 6 times total, each time removes the winner from the list. The first 3 names are rolled from the full list, and the last 3 names are rolled from the marked list. And then we have 6 winners!
Conclusion: To increase your chance of winning, please be specific about your opinion. You can still drop a quick line to us and get lucky. But elaborated comments get double chance to win!
We are sorry that we didn’t make the process clear when we announced the contest. We thought the publisher would choose winners.
Packt Publishing has dispatched the books to the 6 lucky readers. We really hope you enjoy it. Thanks again to all the readers, let’s do this again next time!