Unity Book Giveaway Contest 2nd Round!

After the huge success of our earlier giveaway we have again teamed up with Packt Publishing!

This time three lucky winners stand a chance to win a copy of the newest addition to their
hugely successful Unity series.

Keep reading to find out how you can be one of the Lucky Winners.

Overview of Unity iOS Game Development Beginner’s Guide

  • Dive straight into game development with no previous Unity or iOS experience.
  • Work through the entire lifecycle of developing games for iOS.
  • Add multiplayer, input controls, debugging, in app and micro payments to your game.
  • Implement the different business models that will enable you to make money on iOS games.

Read more about this book and download free Sample Chapter.


How to Enter?

All you need to do is head on over to the book page (Unity iOS Game Development Beginner’s Guide)and look through the product description of this book and drop a line via the comments below this post to let us know what interests you
the most about the book. It’s that simple.

Product description for Unity iOS Game Development Beginner’s Guide book:


Winners from the U.S. and Europe can either choose a physical copy of the book or the
eBook. Users from other locales are limited to the eBook only.



The contest will close on 14/05/12 PT. Winners will be contacted by email, so be sure
to use your real email address when you comment!


How Do We Pick Winners

I wrote the random picking process we used in the last giveaway contest  in previous post.  This time we will give 3 roll chance to reader who leaves very useful information in the comments, and 1 roll for all valid participants.

This means if you want to increase your chance to win, please tell us in a specific way why this book attracts your interest, any information regarding what you want to learn and what you want to achieve with Unity is also helpful.


Now let’s get it started and good luck to all of you!

Thanks to Packt Publishing for giving us the opportunity again!

  • JKL80

    Hey guys, I just bought ex2d last week and starting to learn how to use it with Unity. I’m new to Unity and mobile game development, so this book would be very helpful. So far, I’ve been researching off of articles, forums, and tutorials, but sometimes the information can be overwhelming and disorganized. 

    I am particularly interested in reading the “entire lifecycle of developing games for IOS”, because that will give me insight on exactly how to take a project from an idea to a finished product. Although geared toward IOS, I believe the information would be valuable to Android development as well.

  • Marc


    I am a poor student on a private school that teaches game developing.
    The school’s focus is Windows Game Development, although mobile and browser games are getting more and more successful.
    So I have to learn mobile game development all by myself. I’ve read interesting articles in a game dev magazine about developing mobile games platform independent by adding different platform dependent layers in unity.
    So this book is THE chance for me to learn
    a) The differences between C# and C++ (although i know Java, which shall be similar to C#)
    b) How Game development in Unity works
    c) How to make use of the extraordinary mobile phone technologies.

    Which also is the chapter that I’m mostly looking forward to:
     Chapter 7: Input: Let’s Get Moving!”

    Because in my opinion good iPhone games are those that make perfect use of the technology that the phones offer. If you can think of a game, that can only be played on an iPhone then it’s better than games that simply try to simulate mouse and keyboard input via touchscreen.

    I cannot find any chapter that I would have to skip. There are just 314 pages of pure knowledge for me.
    I don’t know how large each chapter is, but the order of the topics seems reasonable. I like that you have put much of the theory after the Hello World”-Project. This way you can try each feature that you’ve learned on your own by just adding it to the project.

  • Abhuva

    Hi, i am currently working together with a small team of indie-devs on our second game. While we published the first for PC / Mac only, all of us agree that going for the mobile market would be a great opportunity. I am mainly interested in methods how marketing works there from a technical standpoint (In-App purchases, micro payments for example) but also on the different technical hurdles one have to solve when porting existing projects to a mobile version.
    Our aim is to port our projects to the mobile market (if possible) and gain the knowledge to adjust our pipeline and workflow for future projects to the requirements of mobile gaming.

    Personally i am quite oldschool when it comes to learning, so having a book in my hands where i can read is a great value, i stumbled upon this here on the unity forums and it got my interest cause it seem to offer a great overview.to the subject.

  • Shawn Cassar

    I’m looking at the multiplayer and in app payments for games developed.  Also, the fact that the book starts with no previous knowledge assumption is a very good aspect, not just for iOS Unity, but for Unity in general.

  • http://haoxiang.org Haoxiang Li

    Hi, I have no experience on game development but learned some iOS stuff before. 
    I have heard Unity for a long time but didn’t find a suitable book for beginners. From your description it seems to be a good fit for me. I am interested in mature framework which can help build game quickly. I knew how to deal with XCode, but don’t know how to start to develop a game. The real attractive point is that you are focusing on the “GAME” not the tools, I don’t want to read API reference or IDE help documentation, I real want to learn all about the game, that’s the part I know nothing about.

    Thanks for your excellent work and good luck!

  • http://www.rustysabre.com/ RustySabre

    I like the fact that the book covers all facets of iOS game development including setting up an App Store Account.  Of course I’m sure you can find the information elsewhere, but assuming that it is all put together well in this book it will provide a “one stop shop” if you will for Unity game development.  Every once in a while it’s nice to see a game cover that broad a range of topics about a given tool.

  • Ben Shippee

    I’d be interested in learning how to use the integrated GPS and cameras with a game, as well as monetizing it via advertisements.

  • http://twitter.com/nah0y Yohan Hadjedj

    I’m really interested in improving my skills with iOS and Unity3D to make even better games !

  • Jarosław Wojtasik

    I wanted to have some good point to start learning Unity.
    I have some experience in iOs but be able to use Unity with it would be grat.
    I’m kind of intrigued about scripting with C#

  • srdjan

    Being an Android developer myself (with .NET background), I plan to test how cross-platform Unity really is. From chapter list I notice only small portion is iOS related, so you should work also on Android support for future editions. Unity recently gave away free licenses of their engine, so I would expect many new developers for both platforms…

  • James Arndt

    I think the most fascinating parts are the sections of instruction on micro payments, advertisements and in app purchasing. In today’s app store markets freemium or free-to-play are becoming the dominant way to monetize your app healthily in a saturated market. The fact you show ways to approach this in your book will be invaluable to indie developers all over the world.