Money Witches Trailer and Website Launched!

Dear fellas, we have launched a new website for our upcoming action puzzle game Money Witches together with the first trailer!


Money Witches Website

Money Witches Trailer

You can find all the media of the game in the new website, also there’s a very comprehensive “guide” about how to play the game. If you are reading this post on your mobile device, it’s a good chance to experience the responsive website layout for Money Witches :D

More information of the game will be released on the Money Witches website. This blog will keep on focusing on development tips and stories. We will also make a Web version of the game, it will be playable on the website too.

Please go to the website and watch the trailer, it’s awesome!

If you like it please “like” the youtube video, subscribe to our channels. It means a lot to us!


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