Money Witches for iPhone/iPad Announced!

We are excited to announce Money Witches for iPhone/iPad today, the game we have been working on since August 2011.

Money Witches is a coin exchange themed drag-n-drop block falling puzzle game, featuring smooth multi-touch control, engaging combo system, characters with different play styles, and highly competitive and entertaining player vs player match. The game is aimed to bring back the hype of arcade combat puzzle genre to competitive puzzle game players. We have set up a Pre-release sign up page for all the arcade puzzle lovers so they can tune in to get updated information of the game, sharing the good news to friends and community, and get a chance to involved in our beta testing and win an AppStore Promo code when the game is released!

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The Story of Money Witches

When we were young, there was a time when we went to arcade and play combat puzzle games against each other. We played Tetris, Columns, Puzzle Bobble, Puyo Puyo with our friends face to face when we wanted to find out who’s smarter. We found these arcade combat puzzle games were just as competitive and entertaining as Street Fighter and Tekken.

However as the arcade games are replaced by consoles, shooter games taking over the consoles, and all we got today for puzzle games are match-3s made for casual and social users. Players can still play Bejeweled Blitz with their friends but there’s no skill based combos, “in your face” style massive block attacks, or crazy counter attack comeback out of opponent’s offense. The enormous casual user market seems to set the tone of puzzle games: simple, quick and random. But we do believe that there’re a lot of gamers craving for a puzzle game that they can have a skill-based, highly competitive match with their friends again.

Here’s Money Witches with the mission. The inspiration of the coin themed block falling puzzle game comes from an old classic NEO-GEO game “Money Puzzle Exchanger”. Although the game was mad fun and one of our favorite, we don’t quite happy with the old school button based control and how strict player has to build combos with a certain style. With mobile devices’ multi-touch screen, we finally find a sweet spot between old school hardcore puzzle games and easy accessible mobile puzzle games. There are also other system that we invented like character specific ability and fair usage of item, to help giving a reborn to the arcade combat puzzle genre and give people who enjoy intellectual competition a brand new way to prove themselves.

On a side note, according to all the tests we run with our friends and families, the game is very attractive to casual users that never played video games before thanks to the intuitive control and elastic pacing. All of our moms, sisters and girlfriends became addicted to the game. And they can still refresh their highscore by keep playing and learn new tactics :)

The game is still in development and we are looking forward to release it to AppStore in this summer.


Game Description

Money Witches is a block falling puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. Player uses multi-touch control to drag and drop coins all around the board, stacking coins with the same value to convert it to a higher valued coin. For example as soon as he puts five “1 Cent” coins together, they will turn into a “5 Cent”, giving player score as well as space on board. A lot of bonus score is rewarded for stacking two “5 Dollar” coins together and clear them up. That should be player’s immediate goal. There will be coins added up to the board on a timely basis. The more score player gets, the shorter time in between the coin filling up. So player has to move faster turning many cheap coins into a few expensive ones, creating space for survival. The game ends when the board is full of coins.


The gameplay twist is how coins have various values and they turn into higher values on a “5-2-5-2-..” base system. It goes with “five 1 Cent turns into one 5 Cent”, “two 50 Cent turns into 1 Dollar” and so on. (There’s no quarter dollar or 20 Cent like in the real world, to simplify the situation.) The most beautiful part of the game is when player chains the exchange by putting together five “1 Cent” and dropping a “5 Cent” coin on top of it. He will end up getting a “10 Cent” out of two steps of exchange. Player can keep the combo going as long as he has enough “10 Cent” coins to make a “50 Cent” and so on. If the player is good at planning and calculation, he can also set up the whole board carefully, so it’s only needed to make one move to start the chain and eventually clear all the coins on board.

The story of Money Witches happens in a fantasy world where witches with magical power can make money out of exchanging coins. The main character names Molika. She’s a young witch, energetic and greedy. She wants to get better with her magic to make money and become the richest woman in the world. In the game player can choose from several characters to play, and each one has a unique ability that requires a completely different play style and strategy than others.

Each time the game is played, player will get rewarded with various number of bonus gold depending on his performance. Player can use the gold to purchase item, and use them in game to better chain combos or get through tough situations.

The game features different game modes including an endless challenge mode like classic Tetris, a one-minute “Gold Rush” mode for busy users, a trial mode where player learns character specific skills and solve challenging puzzles, and an iPad exclusive VS mode that two players fight against each other with a single device. iPhone VS mode via Bluetooth and Wifi is also planned for future updates.

Money Witches is full of actions and smart strategies. The multi-touch drag-n-drop control is so smooth that player’s finger can follow his mind with no obstacle or delay whatsoever. The combo system and character skills are designed to give player the possibility to be creative about their strategy and play style. Not only can they practice their favorite combo set up to work in different situation, but also they can always come up with new way to deal with the situation on the fly. If you feel like smarter than match-3 games that full of randomness, or you’re a fan of old school block falling games, or you just enjoy playing with coins and the crispy cheering sound when coins collide with each other, this game is perfect for you and we guarantee you that it’s worth playing for thousands of hours if not for years.


Pre-release Sign Up

Since we want to make the game played by the most enthusiastic arcade puzzle game lovers. We really would like to spread the word as much as we can. So we set up a Pre-release sign up page that you can tune in with your email address. You will get the following perks if you sign up:

  • Get the latest update of the game including characters information, vs game mode progress and learn the strategy from combo videos.
  • Write us your feedback and suggestion for the game, we would love to know what do you think!
  • Get the chance to participate in our public beta testing for the game!
  • Depending on how many times you shared the page, you can win an AppStore Promo code to download the game when it’s released!
  • Easily share the news to your friends who loves arcade combat puzzle games!

If you feel the need for an arcade style puzzle game on your iPhone/iPad just like us, or if you want to fight against your friend in a combat full of strategic game plans and quick time intellectual decisions. Then please sign up and help us to spread the word!

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