Great Unity Books Giveaway Contest!

Great news for our readers! We have teamed up with Packt Publishing and are organizing a Giveaway for you and six lucky winners stand a chance to win a copy of the best-selling books on Unity.

First let’s look at these two new books for leveling up your Unity skill:

Overview of Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials:

  •  Kick start your game development, and build ready-to-play 3D games with ease.
  •  Understand key concepts in game design including scripting, physics, instantiation, particle effects, and more.


Read more about this book and download free Sample Chapter

Overview of Unity iOS Essentials:

  • Learn key strategies and follow practical guidelines for creating Unity 3D games for iOS devices.
  • Learn how to plan your game levels to optimize performance on iOS devices using advanced game concepts.
  • Full of tips, scripts, shaders, and complete Unity 3D projects to guide you through game creation on iOS from start to finish.


Read more about this book and download free Sample Chapter


How to Enter?

All you need to do is head on over to their respective book pages ( Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials book page, Unity  iOS Essentials book page)and look through the product description of these books, then go back to this post and drop a line via the comments below to let us know what interests you the most about these books. It’s that simple.

Product description for Unity 3.x Game Essentials book  :

Product description for Unity iOS Game Essentials book:

Winners from the U.S. and Europe can either choose a physical copy of the book or the eBook. Users from other locales are limited to the eBook only.



The contest will close on 15/02/12  PT. Winners will be contacted by email, so be sure to use your real email address when you comment! Good luck everyone!

  • feng li

    I want one!

  • sEri

    How about Unity for android?

  • Anonymous

    As a newcomer to Unity3D, what interests me the most is that at the end of the books I’ll have made a complete game in Unity3D. I hope these two are great hand-on books for beginners.

  • Ruiwei Bu

    I’m a developer at a small indie game development studio, we are planning to use Unity3D for our future titles. I’ve had some experience with U3D but not very familiar with it, so the books should help me a lot.

  • 12034813

    can anyone send me the books?Thanks!
    [email protected]

  • Liu1809

    I’m learning unity3d everyday,can anyone send me the books?Thanks![email protected]

  • Joseph Le Brech

    I have been looking into programming using Unity for a long time now but find online tutorials difficult or bang on the money but out of date. I’ve been undecided though on whether to create a 2d project at first but this would require a 2d plugin.

  • Cammy

    What interests me the most is the ios book on optimizing performance with the difference between mobile and desktop.

  • Lei Cui

    I’m also a newcomer to Unity3D. How to start an Unity3D game Quickly and efficiently?

  • Anonymous

    In Unity iOS EssentialsChapter 3: Advanced Game ConceptsChapter 4: Flyby BackgroundChapter 5: Scalable Sliding GUIsChapter 6: Preferences and Game StateInUnity 3.x Game Development EssentialsChapter 4: Player Characters and Further ScriptingChapter 5: InteractionsChapter 6: Collection, Inventory, and HUDChapter 7: Instantiation and RigidbodiesChapter 8: Particle SystemsChapter 9: Designing MenusChapter 10: Animation BasicsChapter 11: Performance Tweaks and Finishing TouchesChapter 12: Building and Sharing

    My Email: [email protected]

  • Boud

    In the first book Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials i’m mostly interesting by the part about testing and optimizing a unity game. These are the most “obscure” areas for me now, with maybe the in depth physics.

    As for Unity iOS Essentials, i’m interesting in all of the book, but mostly the performance and optimizing tricks, since the constraints of IOS development are more tight and obscure to me.

    • Boud

      Please delete the two above comments, it seems the “integrated corrector” is toying with me, changing words…

      In the first book Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials i’m mostly
      interested by the part about testing and optimizing a unity game. These
      are the most “obscure” areas for me now, with maybe the in depth

      As for Unity iOS Essentials, i’m interestedin all of
      the book, but mostly the performance and optimizing tricks, since the
      constraints of IOS development are more tight and difficult to manage.

      i’m looking for a book with an in depth approach to the development
      of games on unity, be it on mobile or other platforms. And like said
      below, is there a book for the android platforms ? 

      • Anonymous

        As you wish :)

  • Chenshu


  • Kayak Jiang


  • Wencong Yuan

    I love reading books and I wish I can get :)

  • Kabuto202

    “Written in clear, plain English, this book takes you from a simple prototype through to a complete 3D game with concepts you’ll reuse throughout your new career as a game developer.”
    I’m in this for the long term, and anything that can help me accomplish my long term goals (Have a successful studio) would be a great asset to me.

    [email protected]:disqus .com

  • Anonymous

                 by 幻化作风

  • W J

    Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials, hope it’s my first steps into game development.

  • Tutelage

    I would LOVE one or both of these books.  I have been looking at Unity for a long time and these would get me started in the conversion from Flash to Unity in no time

  • Taniaelil

    I’m interested in learning the scripting and more advanced features of unity. I’ve played around with basic geometric shapes and such, but I’ve never had a resource that guided me through everything. Having a finished game at the end is pretty cool too.

  • Andreas

    I’m new to game development having only made a few incomplete games in XNA. What interests me the most about “Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials” is learning how to get the most out of the engine and not having to create everything from scratch.

  • Anonymous

    I’m working as a flash developer and have produced a few smallsized games. I have just started to look into Unity and Blender for personal game development and  I’ve gone through quite a few tutorials.
    I’m mainly interested Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials (the whole book). It looks like a good way to get a basic understanding of how to produce a game in Unity from start to finish and also to have as reference when I will be working on something of my own. Unity iOS Essentials would maybe be of interest at a later stage but at the moment I’m not focusing on a specific platform.

  • Rdontje321

    What interests me most about both of these books is how to take my ideas through the process of development to a full game. Having an idea of how to translate what I’m thinking into the proper code is my biggest hurdle at the moment. I really want to have an idea of how to direct a project into something I can start working on, and it looks like these books provide a hands on way of doing that.

    Email: [email protected]

  • Mike Schaefer

    The fact that this walks you through prototype to finish is what interests me most about these books.  Being new to the Unity scene, you can’t really find anything like that anywhere else.  Especially written in “plain english” as the book description suggests.

  • Christopher SuperVillain Irvin

    I have been self teaching myself unity as a hobby that I hope to turn into something more.  The essentials books looks like it could help further my understanding of C# functions and how to apply then to get an effect or functionality that i would want.

  • Redarrogantknight

    After teaching myself Unity for a few months, I think these sound like essential pickups.  Unity is such a powerful tool, I’d love to be able to use it better.  The Game Development Essentials book sounds great, although I’ve heard such good things about running Unity on the iOS that I’m curious about that too.

    Best of luck to the winner!

  • Grant Forrest

    The most interesting part of the book to me is the holistic approach it seems to take. Looks like there’s everything from terrain and models to lighting and particles. As a developer who’s interested in learning the Unity environment but a little put off by how different it is from what I’m used to, I will probably need a holistic ‘re-learning’ of the game-making process to complete the transition.

    I’m looking at Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials, by the way.

  • Niclas Ogeryd

    Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials

    I’ve always been wanting to get into game develeopment however I haven’t found a good opportunity to do so. Most tutorials you find online are either outdated or not covering the right topics.
    What seems nice with this book is that it seems to cover all the basics and still keeping it simple enough for a beginner like me.

  • zehong yin

    It is cool, I’m interesting with “High performence” and “ios”

  • Bitdefuser

    I am an engineering student who does game design and programming on the side because I enjoy it. Unity3D made it pretty easy for me to jump into creating video games since it’s essentially an all-in-one package. The documentation is top-notch and I find it easy to find what I am looking for.However, I am not familiar with techniques regarding Unity3D. For example, how to have multiple objects interact with each other. I know some basics, but it would be nice to have a baseline I refer too. Maybe, I’m making it too hard and the book has a more straightforward way of executing it?In addition, I am having quite some trouble with light-mapping. I see many beautiful Unity3D Games but I am 100% sure that there is no way the game is being rendered in real time. I am positive they use bake their light-maps. I would like to know how to effectively use them in my games.Also, I am just terrible with animation. Almost nothing animates in my game besides simple rotating and moving cubes… I am trying to get familiar with animation in other software… but trying to import and sync everything in Unity is just confusing. How do you have multiple animations in one prefab? How do I use the animation graph to make animations more smooth? Is there a baseline I could look at so I can see how animations can be played dynamically in my game?Moreover… menus. How do they work? I can get a basic start button running, but having multiple levels is somewhat preplexing… how do I manage everything? What if I have a bunch of levels, can’t I just load them into some sort of an XML file and let the menu dynmaically update rather than going back and putting in the menu manually?There are also scripts out there that are in C# and Javascript. I’m pretty sure they can work together, but I don’t understand some of the syntax and how it’s applied in UnityScript. I hope the book covers this well or at least enough for me to understand how it’s used.Lastly… feedback. I hope this book discusses some ways you can get the feedback of your users, how they play, what parts they reach, etc.Thank you!

  • Erin Gunn

    Considering the Unity3d project I am working on now is a racing game inspired by GeneRally for iOS, the entire chapter 7 from the iOS book is _extremely_ intriguing to me.  Learning how to make the terrain look good with fun car physics, all at consistently high fps would prove invaluable.  And optimization for the iOS’s will benefit most platforms anyway.

    Being new to Unity, coming from a 2D actionscript background, means that I am really almost lost with all of the new functionality at my fingertips. The basics have proved easy to grasp, but really gaining a complete understanding of instantiating and dynamically loaded rigid bodies could put me weeks ahead of where I currently am skill wise.  So I would have to say chapter 7 of this book would be the most ‘intriguing’.

    While the entirety of both books would be monumentally beneficial to my goals, those are the two key points that I could pick out.  Thank you for writing/publishing these books.

  • Melde

    Looking at the table of contents, what most interests me about Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials is the chapter on environment-building, especially trees and water! While I’m not new to development, making games is new to me, and I have some ideas that could really benefit from learning about how to make amazing user environments.

  • Anonymous

    I’m interested in Chapter 13: Testing and Further Study
    of the Unity 3.x Game Essentials book ‘coz I want to learn how optimize my game :)
    my email add: [email protected]

  • Tom Cooper

    This looks like a great opportunity! As a newbie to Unity and 3D gaming in general, it’s hard to find online tutorials that are as helpful and thorough as I want them to be (especially when it comes to understanding the bare essentials of game design and even C#/JS coding). I don’t have a lot of spare time at the moment, so a complete walk-through of building a 3D game from start to finish is the ideal development tool. 
    On a personal note, I’ve also always enjoyed the accessibility and simple feel of an actual book in my hands, as Java and C++ textbooks have given me. Having a physical guide for Unity game development would be a coveted asset in my collection!

  • Godzza

    i’m using u3d to develop the pc game. [email protected] 

  • Jon Neely

    I’ve been looking to get into using Unity and this would be a great start.  The Unity Game Development Essentials book sounds like it would be great to introduce the platform and learn a ton about it while the iOS book looks even better since it is dealing with optimization and running a physics simulator on a much less powerful device.

  • Antony Woods

    Wow, ok. So, I thought I had it all wrapped up regarding iOS development in Unity3D – however, I may have been wrong! Sound like there are some real gems in both of these books. Well worth a look.

  • Dan Troy Brewer

    I work as a designer for a large studio and I want to eventually break free from ‘the man’ and then proceed to ‘stick it to the man’ by making awesome iOs games. The only way I can do this is with the help of the iOs essentials book. You are my only hope.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a graphic designer, working on developing mods for our large community. Unity always blew my mind for it’s ability to publish on the web, and for it’s graphic abilities. Already spent some time following an e-course, everything was so simple ! I felt like i was at home, using cinema4d and scripting in flash.
    Can’t wait to dive deeper into it on my spare time :)

  • shw

    The thing that interests me the most is being able not only to read about something but learning by creating something “live”, being able to modify it and see the results right away. Since I concider myself as a Unity-beginner the first book would be better for me of course – the second one I can buy after I read and learn from the first one.

  • 4islands

    To tell the truth, I personally strongly against the idea that a small-scale game  applying such 3-D engine. Though I like to add some interesting features to my indie game but it’s beyond the budget when i try to do so… it’s the ideal rather than the technique that matters…but solely, U3D is a brilliant engine, though its concept is never new from DIRECTOR.

    What interest me most?
    Use Lightmapping to make your game environments look more professional 
    This is really a new field of knowledge to me !
    2 At the end of the book, you will have a fully working 3D game and all the skills required to extend the game further 
    This is appealing cause I am really a freshman in U3D development…
    Send me the book!

  • Stefan Boeykens

    I have the first edition of “Unity 3.x Game Essentials book” and it was a very good overview of what you can do with Unity, from start to a fully functional 3D game. This is highly recommended and now up to date with the current Unity3D version.

  • Argilliath

    Here in my country Unity 3D is quickly becoming the ultimate pice of software for game development, I really can’t wait to give tihs books the reads they deserve!

  • Denis Crucifix

    I purchased the first edition of “The Unity Game Development Essentials” in 2010.
    I have learned a lot about Unity by reading it.  In scripting particulary.  
    This new updated edition would be very usefull to me to better my knowledges of  the 3.x version.

  • Firas

    I’m an independent game developer who recently started using Unity to work on a cross-platform game. While there is a great wealth of resources on using Unity around the web, the majority of them are incomplete or not very well written. Many of them don’t cover all the different aspects of game development using Unity or platform specific advice (iOS, for example). I have heard good things about these books and have read reviews that praise their clear and beginner-friendly presentation style, as well as their indepth coverage of things such as scripting, physics, particle systems, and so on.

    I think any of these books would be quite beneficial for me. I want to learn more about Unity and I have always preferred reading books over going through technical documentation. I also believe I can learn more than just Unity by reading these books, because many of the concepts used in Unity are common to other game engines. Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials in particular sounds very thorough and interesting because of it’s general approach, but I’m sure there’s a lot to be learned from Unity iOS Essentials in respect to issues facing mobile and tablet devices such as performance and memory usage optimization.

  • Pekka Kujansuu

    I’m especially interested in 
    Unity iOS Game Essentials. I’ve been using Unity on PC for a while, but I’m only just now getting into iOS development, and this book looks like it goes to great detail, and beyond Unity, really. Looks like a great book even for someone not using Unity.

  • Anonymous

    I have the first edition of this book: Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials and intend to buy the second as a comprehensive tutorial on general Unity development for games.

    This book I would really like because I have too many questions on how to optimize a game for Unity and iOS: Unity iOS Game Essentials

  • Maram Mohamed

    It’s always been my dream to develop my own iOS game for the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad. It might be a very difficult task for 15 year old student in High School like my self, but I am up and ready for this challenge. I’ve always been told that it was ridiculous of me to waste my time with something as silly as this. I am very happy that I found out about Unity. I’ve looked online and read a couple of books to aid me on my way, but barely any of them helped me. I’ve had this one idea for my game for such a long time that I’m working really hard to make it possible now. Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials helped me understand Unity even more. To a beginner Unity can be a nightmare to work with, but this book did help a lot in my understanding. Now I can make progress because of it. The another awesome thing about this book is that it even helps you learn C# and/or Javascript. Coming up with an idea for a game isn’t enough. Remember you also have to understand the devices you are developing for and if they are compatible. Reading reviews online “Unity iOS Essentials” I found out that this book helped so many people understand the common issues with memory consumption and performance and the graphics. I’ve read a couple of the sample pages and there were some things in there about the iOS devices and Unity that I never knew. I think that if I get these books I will be able to fulfill my dream of completely developing my own iOS game, and also to prove to my friends and family that I am capable of accomplishing it. Thank You

  • Alex Whitler

    Someone mentioned this already, but I’m interested in the Unity iOS book to get a better understanding of optimizing between mobile and desktop. Most of the mobile projects I’ve worked on were not well optimized. Also, my mobile experience is solely with Android, so this would be a great starting point to transition into iOS development.

    I’ve been looking into learning more about 3D game development and engines in general, so the Unity 3.x book looks very interesting, as well.

  • Chris

    Hi there, I’m currently starting my own indie game for iOS using Unity3D, and obviously I have a big need for anything covering Unity3D, such as programming in C#, controling particle systems, shaders, GUI, and input on touch devices. Getting one of these books is likely to save me a month of development/research time.

  • Jesse Schipilow

    The topics I’m most interested in is Optimization tip and other advanced game concepts.