IGF China 2011, Super Sheep Tap Got Excellence In Audio Award

Game Developers Conference China 2011 took place in the past weekend. Our programmer Karas went to the event representing aBit Games and had a very good time.

First I want to shout out to our friends from Coconuts Island Studio. They have invited Karas for a visit to their studio and have taken good care of him. Also a lot of pictures during the conference is provided by them. A big thank you to Coconuts Island.

And here’s the good news: Our game Super Sheep Tap got “Excellence In Audio” award of  2011 Independent Game Festival China! I would say all of the finalists games are really good so the competition is really tough. Of course we have faith in Super Sheep Tap. It’s a fun and deep game with great graphics. But still what a nice surprise!

(That was Karas speaking after received the award)

Then the grand award “Best Game” went to “Pixel May Cry”, created by another friend of ours Feng Lee. (a very talented Flash game developer, checkout his blog.) Big big congratulations to him!

(Feng Lee and a 6 years old, playing Pixel May Cry)

Of course let’s not forget to mention the man behind the excellent audio of Super Sheep Tap. Let me introduce you to Alex Marian, he’s my good friend, an awesome freelancer sound designer who’s also working on SpecOps: The Line at the moment.

At last, let me post the “making of Super Sheep Tap” video that we show in the IGF ceremony, you get to see all 4 of us in this 15 sec video :p


And another gameplay showcase video of Super Sheep Tap on iPad, performing by myself xD


We are very happy about all the awesomeness. Currently we are still working hard on our next iOS game and ex2D. The good news helps us keep it up!