Monthly Archives: October 2011

ex2D 1.2.1 Released, Video Introduction About Features And Changes


ex2D 1.2.1 has been released! Now you can let sprite inherit the parent sprite’s scale by setting up Normalize Sprite Scales. This will give the sprite scale the same behavior as Unity’s native transform scale. So you can scale a bunch of child sprites together if you control the parent scale. Another cool feature we…

More Character Sketch For Our Next Game


We are still prototyping our next game. (code name: Magic Girl Adventure no I’m kidding, we will never use such a long code name) It has been going really well and we already had tons of fun playing it. A closed alpha test will happen soon. We will not do open tester recruitment anymore since…

ex2D Wiki With Complete Documentation!


Karas once told me how popular a tool can become largely depends on how well it’s documented. I agree with him totally. I usually read documentation carefully before purchase any software. Sometimes the fancy feature list on the product page lies, but documentation never lies. If something is written in documentation, you know for sure…