Monthly Archives: August 2011

ex2D Is Now Available On Unity AssetStore!


ex2D, our almighty 2D sprite tool set for Unity, is finally released on Unity AssetStore! Please open your Unity, hit CMD+9 and grab a copy for your Unity mobile game! The price is $25. Yes that’s right. I don’t see any other great Unity extension with this type of price tag. So this is definitely…

Concept Art for Upcoming Project


Click the image to see large picture! Concept art done by our talented artist Summercards! If you like it please follow us on What type of game it will be? Tell us what you think! DD      

ex2D Video Tutorial Episode 2: Combined Animation Power!

Another episode of ex2D for Unity video tutorial series! This time we are going to combine the power of Unity animation view and ex2D sprite animation editor, to create professional 2D sprite animation and cinematics! With ex2D sprite animation editor, you can attach event to a certain frame in the timeline, and use the event…

ex2D Beta2 Released!

ex2D Homepage ex2D Discussion thread on Unity Forum This is our first middleware (or just “tool”) made for the Unity community. ex2D is a Unity extension provides a full 2D sprite workflow including static sprite, sprite animation, texture atlas and bitmap font. It’s developed following the Unity standard closely so you can pick it up…