Monthly Archives: February 2011

Boom Twins Wall Paper Issue 2

Our talented artist Summercards brings another set of wall paper.   Here you can download the high quality version in 2 resolution: 1920×1080 1024×768 (perfect for your iPad!) Enjoy!

Boom Twins Alpha (iPad) Now Available on Testflight

Here we are boys and girls, this is the project title announcement comes together with alpha test version release! Boom Twins is a full 3D top-down shooter game powered by Unity currently only available on iPad. The game features two cute kids got trapped in their house with tons of zombies hunting their young brainz….

Something About Our First Project

We should write about it long long time ago, since we’ve been working on this project long before this blog even exist. Guess that’s because none of us 3 is talky person and used to host a blog. We were kinda like: “Let’s wait till we finally nail the name of the game”, “Let’s only…

Designing Enemy Spawn: Part 1

I’ve been recently working on setting up enemy spawn in our top-down shooter game. This is an old topic for level design, usually your goals would be: Keep bringing dudes to the player, so he can keep killing ‘em Spawn dudes out of player’s sight Keep AI count under budget Sounds easy, huh? Let’s see…

How I Started Developing Indie Game

Hello dear readers, my name is Wang Nan and this is my story as an indie game developer. I got lucky, I started working for big company in game industry before I even thought about making indie games. Although having been an avid gamer for years, I never thought about preparing myself into the game…