Ways To Get Free Xbox Live Codes – No Verification {legit Method}

free xbox gold membership methods

We all love free stuff, and we tend to go first for free stuff without knowing the consequences of the effect. Just face it, we all want Free Xbox Live Codes or Free Xbox Live Gold Membership Codes or Xbox Live trial codes. But as you dig deeper into the internet, we find that internet is full of scam website which never delivers any free Xbox Gold Membership codes.

So, one question arises, are there any legit ways to get Free Xbox gold code?

After researching this topic, we can now safely answer that yes, there are ways to get free Xbox live code. But for that, you have to read the whole article as we have exposed some scam going on online which may trap you in competing surveys. So, what are you waiting for just drive in?

Legit and Secure ways to get Free Xbox Live Codes

Frist, we must explore the legit and secure way to get Free Xbox live membership codes, so heads up to Microsoft.com. Yes, you have to make a Microsoft live account which will give you Xbox Live code for free. There are two ways how you can do that:

1. Create a new Xbox account and get 1 Month Free Trial for Xbox Live

microsoft signup page

  1. First, you have to sign up here for new email from Microsoft.com
  2. Now log into your subscription page
  3. Choose the Gold-1 Month free trial and then click Next
  4. Here you should use your valid credit card for successful registration.
  5. You have to fill your correct billing information and click on next
  6. Now follow the prompts to complete the sign-up process.
  7. Keep the user id and password handy for further communication.

Benefit associate with 1-month free trial form Microsoft

  1. Remember Xbox Live Gold trial membership is associated with only one single Gamertag.
  2. You can only create 3 times trial accounts from one console. These consoles are tracked by Microsoft itself so, do not try to cheat Microsoft.
  3. After the user creates 3 trial accounts, they will not receive any message to register for Xbox Live Gold trial account.
  4. Always make sure that your billing information is correct when you sign up for the trial offer.
  5. This is a most important step of all, “cancel your membership before your first month expires.” Cancel your Trial offer before the last day of the first month or Microsoft will start deducting the amount.

2. Activating the Xbox live Gold Trial account for one month

This option is for those users who are avid games and have Xbox Live account but never activated there Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. If you have never opted for any membership, then this method is for you.


xbox live trial codes


You will get an extra Fee month on Xbox Gold, read carefully how to avail this opportunity.
Check if you are eligible for Free trial?

  1. Log in to your Microsoft account
  2. Check the subscriptions page
  3. If you are qualified for a free trial, you will see Gold-1 Month Free trial on your page.
  4. Just click on the Free trial
  5. Add a payment method in your account.
  6. Follow the onscreen instruction to get further sign-up process.
  7. Keep in mind to cancel your free subscription before one month

3. Get Reddit Giveaways a great source of Fee Xbox Live Codes

In recent past Reddit has outnumbered many gaming forums, Reddit has big gamer community which is very active. It now hosts much valuable information and apart from that uses help each other in every aspect of games. You can get those right threads where people will give free Xbox code with Google play gift cards and Steam wallet codes.

Join various groups and read various threads with lots of comments to gain karma. You can check their active groups related to Xbox live gold code or Xbox live trial codes.

It is easy to find people who will conduct giveaway prize for Xbox live trial codes; you just need to participate in those threads. We have summaries some subreddit which you can check for free Xbox trial code.

• https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxlivetrials
• https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/
• https://www.reddit.com/r/XboxLiveGold/
• https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxlive/
• https://www.reddit.com/r/contest

4. Finding Offers which are on big days.

There are many websites which give giveaway on big days such as charismas or homecoming. Dutch website Livekaarten.nl recently offer free game code in exchange for an email address of users signing up. You can always check these types of offer’s which come occasionally.

Free Xbox Live Codes Generators Reviews Scam or Legit

We have tested 100 of the website which claims to be legit Xbox code generator and believe us; all are 100% fake. Yes, all the website out there is Scam and fake websites. They will try to convince that they are going to generate Xbox Code by the unique algorithm and after that, they will ask you to complete a survey.

Fact: Actual Codes are activated after you purchased from the official website.

Many people didn’t know this fact that, the code is activated after your purchase Xbox Code Form Official or legit website. You can always go and purchase Xbox live gold membership form Microsoft.com. So, if you think that these fake online generator Xbox live trial codes are legit and can be used, then you are living in fool’s paradise.

This also means that if you got some fake Xbox live gold codes for free and you hope that this will work like code purchase from Microsoft, then you are completely wrong. These online Xbox live code generators did not give any keys at all. They are all fake and will try to make you complete a survey at the end.

How to catch fake sites

You will always find this pattern in all those scam websites. Frist, they will write good point about their online generator. They will try to convince you that their developer is smarter than Microsoft developer and they have found out ways to hack their database. They will create a false illusion that they can give you free codes with their online hack.

This will start with clicking their “Generate now” button present in their website. The website will display some cool animation, showing you some programing language. This will convince you that their script is using advanced level of algorithm and it has hacked the Microsoft database.

After the process stops, it will show some blurred out incomplete code. After this step, the real fun will begin.
Now they will tell you to verify you as a human or complete a Captcha or show you that server is having a load, so you need to verify. These all are fake traps which will eventually lead you to complete a survey.

This trap always works as you will think what the hell I lose if I complete a small survey. The game now gets more personal; a survey will ask all your details with phone numbers and zip code. If you fill everything right, be prepared to get 1000 of spam calls and email from the next hour.

How Those Fake Sites Earn ?

When you complete any survey with or without money, the scam site owner gets a commission. These commissions can be starting from 0.2 to 8 dollars depending on what type of offer user has completed and his country.

The irony is, after completing survey also you will not get anything. As these websites will guide you to different scam website or will give you broken links. You will be kept on filling survey after survey, and they will keep on making money on those surveys.

Most of these scam online generator websites target specific age group users. Users such as kids or desperate game addicted adults who did not mind filling endless surveys. Many of users end up downloading software which was bundled with virus and malware in it. This ends up with the compromise of their systems.


We suggest you to stop visiting these fake online generator websites which are there to scam your money. They even can inject malware if you try to install any software from their website. Do not give your legit email in these websites and they will spam your email with all fake offers.

If you want to get “ free Xbox live Codes ” you can check out our legit ways to earn those. We are 100% sure that with our legit method you can earn those live codes without putting your system into trouble.

These are several legit websites which you can try like swagbucks.com, which offer you a chance to win free Xbox codes for doing small surveys. Do not fall trap of all another scam website, be safe and play safe.


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