Free Steam Wallet Codes And Keys [ 12 Legit Ways ] 2019

free steam wallet codes and keys

12 Legit ways to Earn Free Steam Keys and Wallet Codes

So, you wanted to play games on Steam and did not have enough budget to buy new games. If you are looking for Free Steam wallet codes for new Game Titles, then you should follow our article. We have done in depth research and find out all working and legit ways to earn Free Steam keys.

Before proceeding to find all free wallet codes, here is some insight of what is Steam platform is all about.

What is Steam Game Platform?

Steam is multi-player gaming platform developed by Valve Corporation to facilitate distribution of games. It includes DRM (digital rights management), video streaming service and social networking. It was designed for Microsoft windows games; later it was expanded for Mac OS and Linux Version.

All you should know about Steam

The Steam Platform is now the largest one-point distribution platform for PC games. It boasts of over 150 million registered users with 18.5 million concurrent users online playing at a time.

yearwise game published on steam

Unique Feature of Steam

There are many features which steam platform offer, some of them are:

  1. You can add non-stream games to your library
  2. Manage where you want to land you games
  3. You can now batch install or uninstall games in your steam account
  4. Sort your installed games by size in your account
  5. You can now backup your games using a Steam account
  6. Share any game to your family member offline
  7. You can now broadcast your games
  8. Change steam’s skin according to your choice

How to get Free Steam Wallet Codes in 2019?

There are many methods by which you can get free Steam Wallet code in 2019. We have summarized 12 legit methods by which you can get Free Steam keys.

1. Swagbucks

If you think the biggest GPT (get paid to the site) which can give you Free Steam Wallet codes then you can safely go with Swagbucks. For the past nine years, Swagbucks is giving away points which you can redeem for Steam Wallet code. Swagbucks has its unique currency or rewards points known as “Swag.” Swag can be earned by completing surveys, installing games, sharing on social media platforms.

There are many tasks by which you can earn Swag currency. We have summaries some of them below:

(a) Earn Swag by browsing the internet

To avail this option, change default search engine to Swagbucks Search. Now when you search on Swagbucks search, you’ll be paid in Swag. You can earn Swag anywhere from 5-8 to over 100 Swags depending on the searches.

Note: you will not get paid every time you perform a search on Swagbucks search engine. It solely depends on Swagbucks algorithm on which search keyword they will pay you.

(b) Watch Online Videos to get Swag

Videos are the most common and useful methods of promoting product now a day. You can earn 5-10 Swags per day for watching videos. You can perform another task while the video will pay on the background. Watching video is fun if you have time, you can get a preview of new movies or new games or apps which are going to launch.

Install Swagbucks mobile apps for more earning, as video ads are more prevalent on mobile devices.

(c) Referring your Friends

If you want to earn more, then you should refer you, friends, to open Swagbucks accounts. You will get 10% of what every he earns from Swagbucks. Get a huge referral by sharing your affiliate link in social media.

You can make a review blog of Swagbucks and promote it on YouTube, twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. By sharing on the social platform, you will get huge rewards points, which you can redeem for Steam wallet code.

  1. Point Prizes

Point Prizes work on reward points system, where you need to fill out a survey or perform small jobs to get some points. After completing these task, you will be award with points. The point can be redeemed to Steam wallet codes or other free Codes such as Amazon or Google Play store codes.

(a) How Point Prize reward system work

As we have explained above, it works on completing jobs such as surveys, sweepstakes, signups newsletter, and downloads. You will earn points by downloading different apps or playing games or watching videos. Points, when accumulated, can be redeemed to different cards codes such as PayPal, steam, PlayStation, Google Play, Amazon, Roblox and many more.

(b) How long it takes to Redeem the Points

You can redeem points within few minutes to what every free Cards Codes you desire.

(c) Earn by Referring your Friends

You can earn more points if you refer them to this website. You will earn 10% of what every they earn.

  1. Reddit Community

You can get free Steam keys in reddit forum. Many times, Games developers host an AMA (Ask me Anything) on Reddit. They give away free Steam wallet codes for their new games.

You can get a free invitation for writing review on any new game launch. Just keep browsing reddit forum for free steam keys, and you will find many threads open on this issue. 

  1. CVG Golden Joysticks Giveaway

CVG stands for computer and video games, which hosts the Golden Joysticks giveaway once a year. It is an award ceremony for games, and you can vote for your favorite games. This award function is sponsored by Green Man Gaming. At the end of the voting process, many responded will be chosen for free games of their choice.


  1. Big Giveaway also conduct prize give away once a year. It has an active game community where you can log in and ask a different question or participate in any event. host multiple games title in its name, you can buy games at discount price in

  1. Beta Game Tester

Many game developers/ publishers allow beta game tester. In this, you will be given a review copy or beta game account, where you can play free and give a review of the game. You will also receive full game after the main version of the game releases.


  1. Share and Get Steam Keys Free

Sometimes game developers give free Steam keys for their new games if you share it on your Facebook page or another social network platform. You have to follow game developers on twitter or Facebook pages to know the offers. You can also participate in any draw which is announced when new games are published.


  1. Browse Desura library

You can browse for keys to activate games for steam and Browse all its library to check if any keys are present which are not yet used. You should also check if any game is a green light in This will be the golden time to get extra keys for new games.


  1. Use Retail CD on Steam Network

You can always check if your retail copy of the game can be activated on Steam. There are many games which did not use Steam Platform, but their CD key can be activated. Some of EA Games which are launched in 2008 are working with CD keys. The Witcher and Witcher II retail copies can be activated on


  1. Ninja Giveaways

there is another cool way to earn Free Steam keys; it’s call Ninja giveaway. In this method, many game community will drop steam code for doing some specific task.

The task will be of fun and easy to perform, like sharing the forum link to 20 social sharing platforms. Now, this is fun and easy if you have an account on 20 social sharing platforms. You can participate in these competitions and paste the forum link in 20 different social platforms.

  1. Game Reviewer

Many game developers give you free games codes if you write good reviews about their game. If you have a game blog which has a high number of users, you can approach to game developer for the game review copy. They will be happy to give you a game copy as in exchange they will get a huge free user for their game.

  1. Check for Rewards Programs

You can find many rewards programs which give store credits one of them is Playfire’s rewards. This reward program is conducted by Green Man Gaming, and in this, you can get free credits if you participate in their program.

  How to Redeem Free Steam Keys

You can redeem steam keys using our step by steps methods.

Step1. Open the download page and click Redeem on the Steam button. You will get Steam product key which can be used for registering your account.

step1: redeem steam keys

Step2. Now select the key generate and copy to your clipboard.

step2: redeem steam keys

Step3. Now you can install the Steam Client in your system, launch the steam client and enter your login details. Now click the button at the bottom which says “+ ADD A GAME” to register the product key to your Steam account.

step3: redeem steam keys

Step4. Now select the “Activate a Product on Steam” option.

step4: redeem steam keys

Step5. Follow the onscreen instruction and paste the “product code” in the field provided.

step5: redeem steam keys

Step6. Now click on library tab and check all games which are register to your Steam account. Now select the game and click on install button. Once your game is installed in your account, the install button changes in PLAY button.

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Facts about Free Steam Wallet Codes Online Generators

We have checked many websites which claim to give Steam wallet code instantly, and we found out that all were fake. Any sites claim to generate Steam keys is total Scam, and you should avoid them like the plague.

There is no way to generate Steam keys externally using some algorithm, as these websites clams. You cannot hack Steam database and get Steam Wallet keys. You can test these websites by giving garbage username and check the result.

Fact 1. No Software can hack Steam Game Platform Externally to get Codes

Hacking required months of preparation and exploited by which hackers compromise any websites or system. There is no way an average site can hack Steam database and get Wallet keys. If any security breach may happen, it is a matter of hours before Steam Game will patch the method.

Steam Platform uses encrypted keys which are installed on the user’s account, which makes it more secure.

Fact2.  Free Steam Wallet Codes Hacks Generators are Scam and Illegal

All the websites which claim free stream wallet hacks are illegal and are operated on DMCA ignored hosting. Do not use any service from these websites and never put your Steam account details on these sites.

Never, put your primary email id on these types of websites, they will spam on your account with fake offers and links to phishing pages.

Fact3: Free Steam Wallet Codes Hacks websites earn Money by survey

You might be thinking, how these scam websites are earning?

Well, they are earning by making users to complete a survey. They will force you to complete a small survey. Depending on your GEO location and what type of survey you have finished, they will get paid.

For every survey user complete, they get around $0.25 to 2 dollar. After completion of a survey, users were redirected to other survey website or broken links.

Fact 4. Free Mod Apk website earn by PPI (pay per install)

In free Mod apk website, they will force you to install some .exe (executable) file in your system. These executable files will install some fake free Steam Wallet Codes generator software along with virus and malware. When you run a phony generator, it will show some error like “game.dll is missing, or steam.dll is missing,” and it will stop.

The real game will start after sometime when they access your system via Remote Access Trojan. All your personal information including credit cards details, bank details, loan details, Steam game id, and password will be compromised. We advise, never to use any online website which tries to install the program on your system.


The steam gaming platform is now industry de-facto standard for playing games. It has improved over the years, and now all game developer is willing to participate in their game platform. Steam has released 7672 game titles in 2017, making it the most significant single point distributing platform for games.

So, if you are looking for free Steam wallet codes, go with all the legit and working methods given in the article. We have covered all the scam going on now a day in the name of “online Steam keys generator hack.” You should entirely avoid such type of websites and do not ever give your steam account id on these phishing websites.

You can Share this article with your friends and family members if you find this article useful. Until then keep playing the game with a steam account.