Get Free Robux Codes No Generator In 2019 {legit Methods}

free robux codes 2018

Robux is a game currency of Roblox Game which can be used to play the game, upgrade your tools, customize your character. Roblox Hack with the online generator is a fake tool which many scams website owner is running. There is no such thing as free Robux codes generator. We have done extensive research on this, and we are 100% sure that all the website which claim to generate Robux Game currency are fake.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is MMO game creating a platform which allows a user to develop their own style of game or play the game created by a developer. This is a unique concept which was developed by Roblox Corporation and game got an official release in September 2006.

The player can use user programming language LUA to make the game environment and program their own games. You can also make game catalog and sell those items to other users for game currency which is Robux.

How to get Free Robux Codes ?

There are many ways by which you can earn free Robux in legit ways. You should follow the legit way to earn game currency. Do not fall prey to online scams and ongoing illegal website tricks which will make your system compromise.

roblox contest


We have summaries some finer points which will help you earn “free Robux” :

Method 1- Purchasing your First Builder Club

Every game has store from where you can purchase game items. Roblox offers three type of paid builder Club which you can purchase from the official Roblox Store. These 3 paid Builder Club or BC gives you added value which you can check the picture below:

roblox builder club


Every day, you will be awarded free Robux codes just for being a member of the paid group. You can check the daily benefit like free Robux R$15 will be awarded to Classis Builder Club members.

“If you are purchasing any membership for the first time, you will be awarded 100 Robux as a welcome bonus.”

Membership of Classic Builder’s Club will cost you around $5.95 Monthly and $57.95 Annually. You will receive Robux R$15 per day with R$100 welcome bonus (one time).

Turbo Builder’s Club Membership will cost you around $11.95 Monthly and $85.95 Annually.
You will also receive Robux R$35 per day with R$100 Signing Bonus (one time).

Outrageous Builder’s Club will cost you $19.95 Monthly and $129.95 Yearly. You will also receive Robux R$60 per day with R$100 Signing Bonus (one time).
With this Roblox also started to offer starter kites which you can purchase along with Builder’s Club. This will give you added a bonus, for example, if you purchase Super value kit for $49.95 for 6000 Robux, you will also get R$1500 bonus Robux.

Method 2: Buy and Sell in Builder’s Club

If you have paid membership of Roblox, then you can buy and sell collectibles in Builder’s Club. Selling and buying is like barter system if you want the certain thing you should offer your items. If your friend like then to barter then deal can be done.

builder club plan


You can trade your collectibles with other members for some items and Robux. Also, You can add Game money Robux with your collectibles for trade. You can even sell your creation in Robux Builder’s Club.

Method 3: Show your Creations and earn Robox

The best way to earn Robox game money is to build some cool items such as chic or crisp clothing. If you can build / script, then you can earn Robox money form the game. But if cannot do that, you can hire guys to make cool items for you.

You can start doing trading your creatives in Group Recruiting Plaza. You will find hundreds of users making and selling their creations. Always, start with small charging amount after you got some sales you can increase your amount.

You can find Group Recruiting Plaza here:

Method 4: Exchange for Points Prizes

There are many websites claiming to provide you Robux money for carrying out a certain task. We have found out that in those websites only PointPrizes pay out the Robux to your customers.

Office site of PointPrizes is You can register there and earn some points to get free Robox.
PointPrizes is a platform on which you can do a simple task such as downloading apps or games or completing a simple survey to get points which you can exchange for your favorite game money.

You can also get 10% commission if you invite your friends to register through your referral links.

Method 5: Sell Game Passes

Players can sell Game Passes and many Developer Products to earn Game Money Robux. You can also add some gear on the game page with will get you commission when anyone buys it.

Method 6: Stay with Group for earning

You can join Group which is active in selling catalog items. All the Robux earned by selling catalog items are deposited in group Fund which later on distributed to all group members.

Method 7: Wait for the official Survey from Roblox Team

You can earn 1000 Robux by completing a Survey; these surveys are conducted by Roblox team once a year. You have to fill out 50 odd question in the survey, and you will be eligible for participation in the contest. After some weeks, 25 random users get the award of 1000 Robux.

Free Robux Generator or Roblox Hack Tool 2019 (Scam)

You might have seen plenty of websites calming for “Robux Generator hack no survey” or “Robux Generator hack cheats no human verification.” Believe me, all are fake and hoax website, which will always try to make your do Survey and will give you nothing.


fake robux generator


There is no such thing hack algorithm, and there is no way to hack any online game. You can test these websites using any garbage username, and it will show that username exists. There are many sites which did not generate online; they provide some software to install on your computer.

We recommend that you should never try to use their software. All software contains a virus and harmful malware which will make your computer compromise.

We have summaries some finer details which we recommend you to read first.

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Fact1: No Software can hack Roblox Game Externally

There is no way that online generator tool can hack or bypass the security of Roblox Game. All the scam website pretends that their developers somehow manage to break into the database of Roblox. They also want everyone to use this free Robux so that everyone can win in the game.

If anyhow security breach has happened, it is a matter of hours before Roblox Game will patch the method. Roblox is an online game with thousands of players playing on it. It has special IT team which keeps an eye on legit player and hackers.

All games have a separate database for legit purchase items; if anything goes into the database, there is a program to confirm the transaction. It is not possible to put any free Robux and tix in any player account without proper transaction id.

Fact 2: Roblox Robux tix “Online Generator” sites are Scam and Illegal

All the website which proclaim for “Online generation of robux and tix” are illegal and are operated on DMCA ignored web server. Do not use any of the sites and never put your actual user id on those websites.

If you ever visited and in ignorance use their website, do not worry, as no one is going to put any free robux in your actual account. They will ask you to fill out a survey, in this way all these websites operate.

Fact 3: Robux Online Generator Website Earn Money by Survey

You must be thinking how these scam website owners earn? Well, they make you to complete a survey or to “prove you are human.” When you complete a survey, they get $0.25 to 2 dollar depending on the survey you have completed and depending on your country. As tier1 country tends to give more money if anyone complete from that country.
After you complete your survey, they redirect you to google or some malware site.

Face4: Free Mod Apk Website earn by PPI

There are two types of scam going on in Roblox generator. One will ask you to fill out the survey, and other will ask you to install software on your computer. This one is more dangerous than the above one.

In this, they will install 4 to 5 software and backdoor malware on your system. This is called Pay-per-install model. Depending on the Geo and software you will install they get the payment like from 0.05 to 0.20 cent per software.
In this method, they install malware, which can take your credit card, bank information, game userid, password and your personal information. Do not install any software on your system form these illegal websites.

Precaution to keep your Roblox Account Safe

1. Don’t share your user id and password to anyone

  • There are many ways when you lose your account or get ban, some of them are as follows.
  • Do not share your user id and password to anyone, even to your friends or Facebook buddies. Information pertaining to Roblox game should never share with friends. If more than one login detects by the system, your account may also get a ban.
  • Do not give your password even to Roblox Customer Services if any problem arises with your account. Roblox customer care officials are not authorized to ask your game password. So, never share your password with any customer care official.
  • If anyone in the game asks you for your password, you can always take the screenshot and report that person to the moderator of the game.
  • Do not disclose your computer data like browser cookies and sensitive information like personal details.
    Do not share or tell your credit card full information, if you purchase any item in the game, to customer care official. You can safely give the last four digits to customer care if they ask you for valid cc information.

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2. Enable 2-Step Verification in your Game Account

Always ensure that you have enabled 2-Step Verification in the Roblox Game. This feature is the first level of security against all hacker and spammers. You can get the full information if you visit Roblox’s official FAQ article for 2-Step verification.

3. Never Use your account in Public Cyber Cafe

  •  Do not leave your account logged in PC which is in Café or Library. Anyone can use this device or computer and access your account.
  • Always logged out when your finish playing.
  • Always change your password on a regular basis.
    Try to use some good antivirus and anti-malware software when every you try to connect to free Wi-Fi.

4. Make your Password Hard

Whenever you are making any password make it hard to guess. Avoid common phrases such as password, pass123 or 123456 which are very easy to guess. Here are few points which you should consider before making a password.

  • Your password should be at least eight characters long
  • It should mix up with Capital letters and lowercase letters
  • It should include one special character (@#$) and some numbers
  • Do not keep one password everywhere like in email and game account
  • Avoid using variation of your name or family member name
  • Do you use your date of birth in generating a password?

5. Beware of Phishing Emails:

• Beware of phishing emails; you should never open email form phishing website which gives a link to game URL. These fake websites will steal your user id and password. Do not add your email address of yours to any of the phishing or free generation websites.

6. Recognize Scam or Phishing Generator website

You should learn to differentiate between official Roblox website which is You should know the difference between this official site and their fake counterfeit. These are some fake website which should be avoided

7. Do no login a POP-UP

Avoid login to any pop-up which is looking like same Roblox website. Never log in to any popup, always go and type in google and check the first result without ads. These popups are generated to get your user id and password.

8. Never install any software (.exe file) from suspicious or keygen websites

  • You always should avoid installing suspicious fake keygen or software from torrents or similar sites. Just check these point to know how to avoid such type of files.
  • You should never install programs which promise you free robux or tics generator. These are fake generator which will install malware and virus in your system. These files will compromise your whole system and will take all your personal information.
  • Avoid fake chrome extension which did not come from chrome store.
    Never install anything from warez or torrent or keygen website, all have malware in it and will compromise your system.
Final Conclusion

So, finally, you came to know that how to get free Robux codes online without any Roblox cheats, hack or scam. You also came to know about all the scam which are going on at present on the internet and how to avoid them.
Share your thoughts, if you successfully earned a few Robux or tix using our methods mentioned above.
Be safe, avoid scam of illegal Roblox hack and Free Robux Generator websites.

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