Free iTunes Gift Cards Codes That Work 2019 [ Legit Ways ]

free itunes gift cards codes 100$


What is iTunes Gift Cards?

iTunes Gift Cards are used to purchase the different application in Apple Store. All major e-commerce or online store have their currency in the form of Gift Cards, like Amazon Gift card, best buy gift cards, Walmart Gift card, Google Play gift cards.

iTunes Gift Cards comes in the denomination of $25, $50, $100 and are used to purchase apps, games, movies, books, and music from Apple Store. 

What is the use of iTunes Gift Card?

There are many benefits of iTunes Gift Cards which you can enjoy after redeeming it. Some of the benefits of iTunes are:

  1. iTunes Gift cards can be used to purchase music, books, apps and games in Apple store.
  2. iTunes gift cards are used for adding balance to your Apple account.
  3. With the iTunes cards, you can make payment faster
  4. Many online stores accept iTunes as payment.


How to get free iTunes Gift Cards?

There are many legit methods by which you can get free iTunes Gift Cards, few of them are mention below:

1.Using Social Media

Social media has great power when you want to influence an audience. Some gift companies offer points or a Gift card to their subscribers. You can follow them on social media to get points or gift cards. It is one of the best methods to get free iTunes Gift codes, as you only need to follow them or retweet their tweet.

These companies occasionally host a competition for their subscribers.  You can participate in these completions to earn some points. Competition is straightforward like retweeting or linking there a post or sharing their post on different social media. As the primary purpose of this competition is to get more subscribers and more audience. You can expect excellent rewards such as points or iTunes Gift Card on completion of competition.

You can also start searching social media platform for some good deals. Just type ‘deals,’ deal hunters, gift cards, or gift cards bargains on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit.

  1. Signup for Online Rewards Program

The next destination for free iTunes Gift Cards is to participate in the online rewards program. In this, you need to sign up in these websites and do some small jobs such as completing the survey, watching videos, reviews and downloading some app on your mobile.

For such type of website, if you want to participate do not give your official or personal email id. You should always give new email account as these rewards program will spam you with offers and subscription. Also, do not provide your actual personal details such as date of birth or credit card details or bank details to these types of websites.

There are many tasks which you have to perform to get points such as sharing some information on your social media platform.  You will have to perform a survey to get some points.

Another way to earn more points in these rewards program is to refer you friends or family members. You can get 10% of referring bonus for your friends earning.

Let’s start exploring some of Online Rewards Programs.

(a) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is running for 9 years now, and it have created a trust among users. You can register in Swagbucks for some quick rewards. Swagbucks has its own unique currency know as Swag, which is kind of points. You can earn swag by completing surveys, browsing the internet, watching online video and sharing on social media.

You can redeem Swag with iTunes Gift Codes or other gift cards of your choice.

How can you earn Swag in Swagbucks?

You can earn swag by doing numerous methods, some of them are given below:

(i) Earn Swag by browsing the internet

You can earn swag by browsing the internet by using Swagbucks search engine. When every you browse using Swagbucks search engine, some rewards points will be added to your account.

(ii) Watch Online Videos to Get Swag

You can earn swag points by watching video on Swagbucks mobile apps. Now a day’s video promotion method is the most effective way to get more audience in a shorter period. You can easily earn 20 to 25 Swag daily by watching the video on Swagbucks mobile.

(iii) By Referring your Friends

You can earn more if you refer some of your friends to your affiliate links. You will earn 10% of whatever they earn form Swagbucks.

itunes redeem codes

(b) Point Prizes

Point prizes also work on rewards points system. In this, you need to fill out a small survey, sweepstakes, install an application or do sign up newsletters to claim points. Points, when accumulated, can be redeemed to different cards codes such as Steam Gift cards, Google Play Codes, Amazon Cards, Roblox Cards and many more.

You can also get 10% by referring your friends to this rewards program.

(c) Quick Rewards is another website which offers rewards system when you perform small tasks. This website is similar to Point Prizes and Swagbucks; you will get points for every job you undertake. Quick rewards have more than 50 redemption method including iTunes free codes. You can get points by completing the survey, doing shopping, offers, playing games and watching videos.

  1. Signup newsletter to win iTunes Gift Card

You can get free iTunes Gift card codes just by subscribing newsletter or promotional leaflets to companies. Just browse for companies or websites which are promoting their product or items and offering free iTunes cards.

Just be careful as many websites turn out to be scams, they will keep on sending their newsletter without giving you any benefit. We recommend you to always check for trusted and popular websites which are giving payout or gift cards.

Last but not the least, never share your personal information such as Date of Birth, SSN, Credit card details on such type of websites.

  1. opt for iTunes allowance

In this method, you need to set up iTunes allowance, which means that you can set up monthly basis allowance for another person. To participate in this method, you and your partner should have Apple ID and valid email address. If your parents are providing financial help in paying your music, just request them to set up a monthly allowance for you. This will ensure you did not spend all credit accidently in one month.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Cards on iPhone or iPad?


redeem itunes gift cards


If you want to redeem your iTunes Gift Codes amount on iPhone or iPad, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to iTunes store from your Apple Device.
  2. Scroll down to the featured section.
  3. Click on the Redeem option there.
  4. Login with your Apple ID.
  5. Enter the Gift Card Code printed on your Card.
  6. Tap on “Redeem.”
  7. It is done! You can now use the credit points to buy music, books, and movies of your choice.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card with the Camera on iPhone or iPad?


redeem itunes gift cards with camera


You can redeem iTunes Gift Card with the mobile camera also if this feature is allowed in your country. To redeem Gift Card using the camera on iPhone or iPad follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to iTunes store form your mobile device.
  2. Scroll down the featured section and click on redeem.
  3. Login with your Apple ID.
  4. Tap on “use camera” option present on the page.
  5. Now chose Redeem gift card using the camera.
  6. Scan the bar code given on the iTunes Gift Card.
  7. The camera will scan the code automatically, and the balance will be added to your account.
  8. Bingo! You have just redeemed iTunes Gift Card using your mobile camera.

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Fact about Free iTunes Gift Cards generators

 All those websites which claim that they can generate iTunes Gift Cards instantly are fake. We have tested more than 15 websites, and all were turned out to be a hoax. Do not try to use these websites as they will make you complete some surveys.

Fact 1. No Software can hack Free iTunes Platform Externally to get Codes

It is very difficult to hack iTunes stores database to get iTunes redeem codes. All the online generator websites claim that they are using some advance algorithm to penetrate iTunes database. They will display some fancy code which is running and penetrating database. The fact is, all these are a hoax and they will stop after some time and will ask you to complete some survey to prove you as human.

 Fact2. Free iTunes Gift Card Codes Hacks Generators are Scam and Illegal

All these websites are hosted on offshore, which means they are DMCA ignored hosting. It means no action can be taken from Apple on these scam websites. Do not put your real Apple ID in these types of websites to test.

They can use Brute Force password guessing your Apple id if you use it on their website. Which in turn will ban your Apple ID permanently for hacking?

Fact3: Free iTunes Gift Codes Hacks websites earn Money by survey

Well, you might be thinking how this scam site earns?

iTunes Gift Cards hack online generator types websites earn form user perform a small survey in the greed to getting Gift cards. Depending on your country and what type of survey you have finished, they get paid.

For every survey user complete, they churn out around $0.25 to 2 dollars. After completing the survey, the user is redirected to a different offer, or it ends up in broken links.

Fact 4. Free iTunes Mod Apk website earn by PPI (pay per install)

This type of iTunes Mod Apk is most dangerous than the survey method. In this method, these websites install some .exe file in user’s computer. These executables contain virus and malware, which remotely control the user’s system once installed.

With this malware, they access user’s system via Remote Access Trojan. They can take all your personal information including credit cards, bank details, loan details and apple id with password. We advise never to use any of these online websites which try to install programs on your system.


We have reseach our level best to give you all information regarding free iTunes Gift Certificates. If you like this post, do share with your friends and family. Post your comment below if you want more article on iTunes Cards.