Free Instagram Followers And Likes No APP Or Hack [Genuine Method]

free IG followers no human verification


Free Instagram Followers

One question which every Instagram users try to find online is how to get Free Instagram Followers. Well, there are many ways from where you can get followers like like4like or followlike or getviewsnow. We will not go to discuss these shortcuts method to get free Instagram likes.

Today we will try to address this question in a legit way so that you get genuine followers who did not unfollow you after some time.

So, if you are interested in getting legit followers who will interact with your post and connect with you, then follow our article.

How to get Free Instagram Followers in a legit way?

We all know that blackhat method or shortcuts method did not work for a long time. So, why not work in a legit way to gain Instagram followers, who will never leave you.

Always try to follow the primary six thumb rule method. Do homework on the excellent quality of post and pictures in your account. Try to make sure that your headline is catchy enough to grab user attention. Make sure you upload daily or weekly six times post.

If you have massive followers, then make sure to get them likes or comments on your post. Which will get you even more audience, when users give comments and likes on your post.

If you have a large audience and huge followers, they can be useful for:

  • Publicity for your business, products, and
  • You can put your affiliate link and promote those products and earn commission
  • Getting new deals
  • Impact on your popularity level by making your celeb status
  • You can even earn commission by helping other influencer product

So, are you excited to dive into the Instagram legit method to get real followers?

Just follow this six method we have summarized for you to get real Instagram followers.

1.Post Consistently

In a recent study by some social media analytics companies, it was found out that an average Instagram user post daily. Make it a habit of posting daily; this will ensure your followers get a daily update on your profile.

If you post daily, you can receive 5 to 10 followers on a daily basis which is a good sign for your profile to grow. Do not expect to get overnight 1000 to followers without posting anything on Instagram. People tend to follow those users who post on a daily basis.

To get more followers, you need to post consistent and with good pictures. 

Instagram is changing its algorithm every month, and it is a better idea to post consistently to get more followers.  You might be surprised to know that even small update on your post or simple looking pictures which you upload daily can have a huge impact on a search engine. Let the Instagram search engine know your profile and their bots will keep on visiting your post.

With the daily update and perfect hashtags, your post can get notices in explore feeds as well.

2. Use proper Hashtags to influence users

One of the best methods to get Instagram follower is to use right hashtags. You need to study and explore quality hashtags. If you are promoting any product or representing any business model, you should first research hashtag related to your niche or hobby. Just check how other Instagram influencers are using hashtags to get more audience for their post.

The best thing is Instagram is hashtags which when used correctly with your post, you will get thousands of followers in no time. Instagram allows 30 hashtags for every post, and you should explore all hashtags to get your post notice. Try to find relevant hashtags to your post which are essential to get followers. If you are not able to put 30 hashtags in your post, do not put non-relevant hashtags.

TrackMaven conducted a study on hashtags and revealed the facts that post with more than 11 hashtags are more likely to get more users interactions. So, if you are confused or not able to find proper hashtags for your post or picture, make sure you can at-lest put 11 hashtags.

You can always look up for the similar post in your niche and use other people specific hashtags. People following a particular niche would follow your post if you got same hashtags.

3. Share User-generated Content or reviews

Instagram is all about getting likes and share. You need to upload new content or photos on a daily basis on your Instagram account, try to share user-generated content or reviews on any product.

Suppose, If you are in product promotion or want to sell your product. It is always a good idea, how your customer or client look on that product. Try to share your client’s pictures with your product with there honest reviews on it. It will ensure, a genuine experience for your market and will create an ambiance around your product.

Interact with your clients and persuade them to upload their real picture with your product. You can also feature it on your account.

4. Promote Video

One of most immediate user attention seeking method is by promoting the video. Instagram allow 3 to 60-second-long video, which you can make and share with users. Just face it, in today life no one has time to read a post or long messages, it has happened to Facebook, and now it is happening to Instagram.

The video message is a great social influencer, and you can put your product in more visually appealing to your users. It is a new tool to get more followers as people tend to share video more than post.

Many Instagram Model like Amanda Cerny, Dan Bilzerian tend to share more videos than post. Consider this promotion method; this will increase your follower in no time.

A good video can drive follower to other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Tumbler which again will give you, the free user to your different profile.

5. Follow other people

The best method to get free Instagram followers is to follow other people. No matter what approach you employ, you have to follow others influencers. We all are in constant touch with each other, thanks to social media. But this also proves that we need to check another person post, and we have to like his/her post continuously so that they too follow the same procedure.

Do not become a celebrity overnight, be normal and love other influencers post and comment on their pics. Everyone is working hard to get likes and comments; if you follow then daily, we are sure they will do the same for your post.

6. Leverage the power of social media

Make sure; you are leveraging the power of social media for your benefit. You should post and share your photos across all social media platform to get more audience. Never, underestimate other social media power to get free followers. You can get your pics posted on Instagram and share that on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Flickr.

You can get new friend and followers on other social media platforms. Try to research on another Instagram influencer, how they promote their post on another social platform. Try to copy their model of pattern to post and influence people.

Note: Do not try to use “free Instagram followers app” or “free Instagram followers hack,” they all are 100% fake websites.

Note: Do not try to buy Instagram followers, they bots generated traffic, and they will unfollow you within hours.


We hope now you know how to get free IG followers  and Likes online. You can choose between organic method or paid method. Depending on the ways, you can grow your audience and influence them.

Remember, to make a good profile on Instagram with photos and catchy headlines; this will ensure you thousands of followers in no time.

Do not try websites which claim to give you “free Instagram likes hack” or “free Instagram likes no survey.” These websites are fake, and they scam people making them complete some survey. It is not possible to hack database of Instagram from outside and manipulate it from outside. Do not ever try these type of website; they only operate on making money by completing the survey.

So, be safe and follow all the legit methods as discussed above in the article and you are going to get a thousand followers in no time.