Free Google Play Gift Cards And Credits { Working Methods } 2019

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If you are looking for free Google Play credits, then you have come to right place. You can get free Google codes using our recommended website zotpad.

What is Google Play Store?

Google Play Store is app store which hosts different application for Android platform. It is operated and developed by Google to carter the need for Android Mobile Users. Android is an operating system for mobiles. Users have a variety of choice like music, magazine, movies, games, utility apps, books; which they can browse and download from Google Play Store.

An application which is available in Google play store are of two types; one is free, and another was paid. The user can download these apps directly on their Android mobile. Depending on user’s Mobile Android version, the correct version of apps will be installed automatically.

Google play store has more than 3.5 Million apps published to date. See the graph below for apps published between 2015 to December 2017.


no of app install in google play store


Google Play officially launched on March 6, 2012. It brings Android Market, Google Music and Google eBookstore under one umbrella, making it biggest digital distributing service. These are the services which are now operating under Google Play

  • Google Play Books
  • Best, trending Google Play Games
  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • Trending Google Play Music
  • Google Play Newsstand
  • Google Play Console

Difference between Google Play Store and Google Play Services

Often, people are confused between Google Play Store and Google Play Services. Google Play Store is a digital store which hosts a different type of application which Android users can install on their mobile. Whereas, Google Play Services is a background service which coordinates between apps and various other services to connect and communicate with them.

Benefits of Free Google Play Credits

There are many benefits of Google Play Credit which you can enjoy after redeeming it. We have summarized some benefits below:

  1. Google Play Credit is used to purchase any premium app or games.
  2. If your Google account has Play-store credit, you don’t have to use Credit card/debit card to buy different apps.
  3. With Google Play Credit, you can make payment faster and securely.
  4. Google Play Credit can be used in apps which has monthly recurring purchase.
  5. You can keep Google Play Credit for longer time in your account.
  6. By using our legit methods, you can keep on adding Google Play Credit to your account.

How to Get Free Google Play Gift Cards?

Let face it! There is nothing free in this world; you have to earn those play credit to use on your Google account. For getting Free Google Play Gift Cards, you need to put some efforts and spend some time completing small surveys or reviews.

Browse Google Play Store, and you will find all the best apps, games, movies and books are not free. You have to spend real money to get those apps. But if you have Google Play credits, you can secure access those apps without any hassle.

There are hundreds of websites falsely claiming to give you free Google Play codes; we have tested and summarized few of legit sites which pays you credits.

1.Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards was developed by google survey team. In this, you need to install Google Opinion Rewards apps on your mobile device. After successfully login, google survey team will send you small survey. Upon successful completion of that survey, you will receive small Google Play Credits.


google opinion rewards


The survey will be sent weekly basis, and you may earn up to $1.00 Play credit. As these surveys are credited to get the pulse of the customers, these surveys will be different from another company survey. You will be asked a simple question like “which logo is best between these two” or “which promoting method is most compelling to you.” You may also get survey related to your next plan trip and your favorite airlines.

Do not hesitate to complete survey send to Google teams. You might get good Google Play Credit after completing a small survey. If Google Opinion Rewards seems easy to you, then check out other methods also, which will fetch you Google Play Credits.

  1. Swagbucks

If you are looking for biggest Free Google Play credits after Google opinion rewards, then you should visit It is largest points gathering website, where you can do a small survey like play games, watch videos, install apps and do online shopping. You will love this option because you can get credit by using PC.


You will be rewarded $50 Google Play Gift Card for 5,000 points. Later, You will get it credited to your Google account within minutes.

  1. JunoWallet

Another popular spot to get free Google Play Credit is JunoWallet. You can do a variety of small jobs to get gift cards like playing games, installing apps, watching videos and completing small surveys. Junowallet also provides gift cards for other big online stores like Amazon, eBay, iTunes, bestbuy, etc.


Junno wallet


How you can earn Free Credit from JunoWallet

  1. Install JunoWallet by visiting their official website.
  2. Create an account with valid email id
  3. You can now get gift cards for competing for the small task.
  4. After getting Gift Cards redeemed it on your google account.
  1. AppNana

Another popular destination for getting Free Google Play Credit is AppNana. You can earn free credits for watching videos, installing apps, completing a small survey. You can install AppNana on your mobile device and receive free credits. AppNana is similar to JunoWallet; it also provides gift cards for other online stores. AppNana offers 400 points everyday your login.

How you can earn Free Credit from AppNana

  1. Visit their official website and download AppNana on your Mobile device
  2. Sign up for an account and validate it
  3. Now you can earn free rewards for doing a simple task.
  4. After getting Gift Cards redeemed it on your google account.
  1. Free My Apps

FreeMyApps recently gain become popular among internet users. They are similar to AppNana and provide same features. You can play games, install apps and watch the video to get free credits. You can get gift cards for iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify. After getting Free Credit, you can redeem it in your Google Play account.

How you can earn Free Credit from FreeMyApps

  1. Install FreeMyApps by visiting their official website
  2. Create an account and validate your email
  3. Now start doing the small task to get a free credit
  4. After getting free Credit redeem it on your Google Play account.
  1. Cubic Rewards

The cubic reward is another app which allows you to get gift cards doing small tasks. You have to install this app on your mobile device. We can perform a daily work such as installing small games or app and earn free credits. You will also get gift cards by referring it to your friends.

Cubic Rewards has a variety of Gift cards from which you can choose forms such as Google play credit, Amazon credit, iTunes and many more.

  1. FeaturePoints

You can also try for free Google Play Credits. FeaturePoints gives you a chance to earn points by downloading apps and working them for specific levels. Earn points by watching videos, playing games, downloading apps. All Points earn after completing a small task can be redeemed for Google Play Code and online gift cards.

You can redeem Google Play gift card in the denomination of $10 or $15 gift cards using points. Get free points by referring it your friends. You will get 50% of total points your friends earn, who are referred by you.

  1. InstaGC

Another best place to earn free credit is instaGC. You can earn Google Play Credits by completing small surveys, watching the video and installing apps. Get ten bonus points when you sign up. You will get 1$ gift card when you have 100 points.

You can redeem Google Play gift cards in $10, $15 and $25 increments. It means that you need to accumulate around 1000 point to 2500 points to earn a Google Gift card.

  1. TapCash Rewards

Tapcash rewards are yet another popular app which allows you to earn points and redeemed for Google Play gift Cards. You can do a variety of small jobs to earn points such as download free apps, play games, complete the small survey and watch videos.

We can also link Tapcash rewards account to your Facebook account to get VIP status. You will even get 100 points as a referral bonus for each friend you refer. TapCash requires 1000 Points to for $1 gift cards.

  1. WHAFF Rewards

You can earn Google Play credits by linking your Facebook account and using WHAFF Rewards.  You can start earning points by doing a small task such as downloading apps, play games. WHAFF Rewards will give you points for installing different apps on mobile.

You can get a payout as Google Play Gift Cards or Facebook Cash.

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How to Redeem Google Play Credits?

So, you have earned Free Google Play Gift Cards and wanted to redeem it. Follow our step by step procedure to redeem Google Play credits to your account.

  1. Visit and log in to your Google Play account
  2. Type the name of app or premium game that you want to purchase in the search box.
  3. Browse the page and click on “buy” button
  4. On the Payments Method page, choose “Google Play Gift Card” to pay for the app or game you desire.
  5. Payment will be deducted from Google Gift Card balance upon successful transaction.
  6. Note: Learn more about Google Terms and Conditions on Gift Card before doing any transaction. 

Google Play Gift Card Online Generator (Scam)

If you are looking for free google play credit no survey no online download Generator, then we must inform you, that they all are SCAM. We have tested many online generator websites which claim to give you Free Google Play Credit but fail miserably.

There are two types of fraud going on now in the name of Free Google Play Gift Cards. First one is an online generator, which forces the user to complete the survey. Online generator websites or online hack tools will make a false promise to people and give them a broken link in the end. The second one is exe install or application install. It is a most dangerous method, which tries to install malware and virus on the user computer.

Do not ever try to use these websites; they will steal your data by installing malware on your computer system.

Google play credit Samsung 2019

There are many schemes which run at some specific time. You can get Free Google Play Credit using Samsung 2019 scheme. Under this scheme, you will be eligible to get a Bonus Google Play credit when you purchase Samsung TV from a participating retailer.

After you purchase Samsung TV, register here and click on redeem button present on the website.

Note: you have to summit a serial number of Samsung TV along with receipt of purchase. Samsung TV serial number can be found on the back of TV sticker, look for “S/N” it’s a 15-character alpha number code.

Can a google play gift card be used to pay for Spotify?

No, it is not possible to pay Spotify premium as Google Play gift Card. You have to use a credit card or another method to pay for Spotify.


We hope you will find this article useful in getting Free Google play codes. Please avoid all types of scam websites which claim to give you instant Free Google Play credits. You should follow our recommended website to get legit credits. Do not forget to log in daily to your account and complete your daily task to earn free Credits.

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