How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Codes Upto $100 {solved}

free 100$ amazon gift codes


Get free Amazon gift cards codes for 2019 (working method). Are you tired of looking for Amazon gift codes, then you are at right place. We will tell you some useful way to earn Amazon gift codes.

Do not ever try to go to “Amazon gift cards generator,” they all are SCAM websites. It will take your details and spam them. Entirely avoid such type of site which claims to give you instant $100 $250 Gift Card.

Just follow our legit method, and you will be reward with  free Amazon gift certificates.

How to get free Amazon Gift Cards Codes?

Amazon Gift Card can redeem in a number of methods. We have summaries them into categories so that you can get a fair idea on this issue.

1.CashBack Methods

There are some websites which give you Amazon gift cards as a bonus if you buy some product form their online stores. You can redeem these gift cards for some other items or give to your family members.

Amazon Promotions

One of the few things you should do is to subscribe to all promotional emails with Amazon. If you follow your email regularly, then you’ll find that Amazon periodically gives offers. You can check different offer provided by Amazon, and check which offer gives you best Amazon Gift card upon purchase of some items.

You can get a fair idea on available promo codes form coupon websites.


FatWallet is one stop solution when it comes to cashback methods. You can sign up free in FatWallet and get different coupons.

You can get them using FatWallet or some 25% cash back.

Chase Bank Credit Card Offer

Chase bank credit card gives you 1% cashback on all purchase done in Amazon. But if you opt for Chase Bank Amazon credit card, you can get 3% cashback.

  1. Online rewards and Get Paid to Sites Methods

You can get free Amazon Gift codes using GPT (get paid to) websites which offer rewards for performing specific jobs. These websites have a large variety of tasks like installing an app or watching videos for which they pay.

You can get paid for performing small jobs such as filling out the survey, installing an application or watching videos.


Swagbucks is the top GPT website which is ruling this category. They offer tons of ways to earn “Swag Bucks” (which is a form of point system). Swagbucks methods include a promotion or sharing the link on your social media account.


You can get rewards using Swagbucks which you can redeem by Amazon Gift Cards, Steam Wallet Cards. Swagbucks is the market leader when it comes to paying to its members.


MyPoints is similar to Swagbucks; it offers daily rewards for doing multiple numbers of tasks.




MyPoints offer rewards even for playing games, watching videos, checking emails and shopping online.

Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a subsidiary of Amazon group. It is a website in which people will perform a small task and in reward will get cash or Amazon gift card.

Mechanical Turk

You have to perform small task depending on your country. You can choose a job and check payout if you are satisfied you can complete the job.


prize rebel

PrizeRebel is one of the most trusted GPT sites. You can do the small task to earn points, which can be redeemed in Amazon.

  1. Survey websites

You can check some website which offers free Amazon gift cards for filling out small surveys. You can participate these online surveys for gift cards.

Survey websites are backed by market research companies which always want user’s opinion on new products. Whenever any new product gets launched, market research companies survey their product for its pitfall.

You can join these online survey websites and give your valuable opinion. In return, the will reward with Amazon gift cards.

Valued Opinions

Valued opinions are the most trusted website online which always gives rewards on time. They are available in the industry for more than seven years now. You can get rewards by sending emails and giving your opinions on certain products.

it is a genuine website which has been used by our team members. You will award Amazon gift card after successful completion of a target given.

Opinion Outpost

Get rewards by giving an opinion on different products. Participate in various surveys and get points which you can exchange for Amazon gift cards.


If you are looking for a genuine way to earn free Amazon gift cards codes, then you can register with offer free membership, after confirmation of your membership, you will start receiving points. You have to complete the survey by filling out specific product details and your opinion. You can fill online surveys anytime using PC, laptop, Tablet, Cell Phone or Mobile App.


This website is also similar to Mysurvey, and they also reward the user with Amazon gift card. They have some pretty high rewards points than


  1. The Exchange / Barter System (Get Amazon gift card without survey or human verification)

There are many portal or online website which allows an exchange or barter system. You can get Amazon gift card trading other megastore gift cards.

There are many websites which allow points or gift cards if you are a loyal customer. But the problem arises when they give gift cards to their stores. You can exchange other megastore gift card with the same denomination to Amazon gift cards.

  Amazon Trade-in

If you have old or unused goods which you want to sell off, the best place is Amazon. Amazon trade-in is the best place where you can sell your items.

Amazon will give you Amazon gift card for your old/ unused items. What Amazon is looking for is electronic devices and media which are rare now. You can also sell your smartphone, music players, and electronic gadgets. Moreover, old Novels and textbooks can also fetch your free Amazon gift certificates.


One of the best places to buy Amazon Gift Card at a lesser price is Cardpool is now the hottest place to buy or sell gift cards of all megastores. The best part of Cardpool is you can get Gift Card at a lower price like in 2% discount.

If you have another megastore gift card, sell it on Cardpool and get gift card. You can get cash for your gift card which you can use to purchase Amazon gift card or other product.

Gazelle is the best place where you can buy or sell used Cell Phones and Electronics. You can get money to your bank account, or you can go with Amazon gift cards. You can also get paid through PayPal or Amazon gift card.

If you are having old consoles or phone especially iPhones, then Gazelle is an excellent choice. Gazelle has hassle free transaction of all product for buying or selling. You will get the reasonable price for your product if you opt to sell it on Gazelle.

Coinstar is the old traditional service where you get eGift Cards which can be exchanged at all stores or shopping online.

There is no service charge for exchange to gifts cards so that you can use this service.

  1. Passive/ Affiliate rewards from Bing and Google

If you don’t want to hustle around, you can check for affiliate program of Bing and Google. Check out, how you can get Gift Codes.

Bing Rewards

These are the special rewards given by Bing. You can easily get free Amazon rewards just by registering with Bing Rewards. Bing rewards are base on a point system. You will get points every time you search Bing with a specific keyword.

bing rewards

There are some daily limits for points that can earn by searching different keywords on Bing search. Do not try to cheat or do some fraudulent method to get more points. Login daily to your rewards account and earn points.

All those points you accumulated using Bing rewards program will convert into Amazon gift card codes.

You can register for Bing rewards here <<Register Bing Rewards>>

 Google Screenwise Media Panel

You can get rewards using Google’s Screenwise Media Panel. Get Amazon gift cards or other types of gift coupons using Google Screenwise app.

You have to install Screenwise Media Panel app on your mobile device. Using this app, Google will track all the site you visited. It will use in determining how user respond to the particular application. Think this program as Nielsen panel monitoring your daily TV use.

The reward will vary according to the country you belong and respond to apps. You can earn Amazon gift cards using this free method.

 Get Amazon Gift Card Generator / Hack Tools (SCAM)

There are thousands of websites which claim that they will provide free Amazon Gift codes. These are online generator or hack tools which gives false promise to people. Just remember one thing, all these websites are SCAM. DO not ever use these websites; they will try to take your details and spam you.

There are two types of Scam going on right now. One is an online generator, which will make users complete the survey as human verification. The second one is application install; this will install a .exe or apk on your device or computer. It is most dangerous, as this will compromise your system. They will install malware on your system and will take your details such as credit card, bank account, loans, finance.

How to redeem Amazon Gift Cards to your Account?

Amazon gift cards are not the most famous cards now a day for its variety of use. You can quickly earn them with methods given above in the article. Now the question arises, how to redeem Amazon gift cards in your account to make some purchases. Follow our step by steps method to redeem your Amazon gift card:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Account and open rewards section
  2. Now select “Add Gift Card” to account
  3. Enter the code in the popup page.
  4. Code means Alphanumeric code which is in the Amazon Gift Card.
  5. When successfully verified, the given amount in the Amazon Gift card would add in your account.
  6. Now with these credit in your Account, you can purchase any item present in Amazon store.

Final Conclusion

Friends these are the legit methods of using which you can earn Amazon gift cards.  You can buy anything using gift cards from Amazon store. Give it a try, make use of methods which has given in this article. Share this article with your friends, if you find it valuable.