The 5 Best Xbox One Games For Kids in 2018

If you are looking for best Xbox one Kids game in 2018, then you should consider checking our article which has been made by extensive research by our team. We consider certain parameter to decide if you the game is considered fit for the kids. So, you can now check our top 05 best Xbox one kids’ game in 2018.

No5 #Skylanders: Imaginators

The story revolves around the fantasy land known as Skyland, where Kaos has discovered an ancient Mind Magic which he is using to create an army of Doomlanders. Eon is the last angel standing which is calling upon all Portal Masters and Skylander’s warriors to stop Kaos. You will be the mystic warrior who will battle Kaos and his army to save Skylands.

skylander Imaginators


Features of Skylanders: Imaginators

  1. Get ready for an epic new adventure
  2. Create your own Skylanders with imagine creation crystal
  3. Sensei Skylanders is the master of Sky-chi powers
  4. You have to battle to save Skylands with sensei
  5. The game has 10 different battle class where you need to defect Kaos and his Minions

No4 # Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

Join the adventure of Ori the last spirit guardian who is protecting dying forest, while fighting the evil clutches of Kuro. You can get unbelievable graphics with some pulsating music on this game which will create a different ambiance of the game.


ori and the blind forest


A feature of Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

  1. Join your favorite character Ori who will fight the evil character Kuro
  2. Get new difficulty mode with the more complex storyline
  3. Get some cool bonus which includes a Definitive edition with behind the scenes videos
  4. Includes CD which contains an original award-winning soundtrack
  5. Upgrade powerful abilities to undergo an adventure


  1. Critical acclaimed award-winning game
  2. Highest rated games on Xbox One
  3. You will get free Xbox Live Gold with this edition


  1. Missing disc in the game

No3 # Stardew Valley: Collector’s Edition

Do you love playing harvest moon? If yes, then prepare to undergo an epic adventure of Stardew Valley. There are many things in Stardew Valley which are unique and you will love playing it.

stardew valley


Features of Stardew Valley

  1. Clear overgrown field into a lively farm
  2. Raise animals, grow crops for animals, start orchard
  3. Craft machine which is used in fields
  4. Master all the five different categories
    1. Farming
    2. Mining
    3. Combat
    4. Fishing
    5. Foraging
  5. Mingle with local community
  6. More than 30 characters living happily in Stardew Valley
  7. You can explore a mysterious cave
  8. Fight with dangerous monsters and get new weapons
  9. Go for teaser hunting


  1. Charming music with smoothing graphics
  2. Plenty of game items to search for
  3. Plenty of marriage to attend
  4. Comes with a soundtrack disc


  1. Main character sprite option isn’t great.
  2. If you take a horse to move around town, it will give you more vibration
  3. Sometimes the d-pad menu controls on console hang.

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No2 # Rocket League

One of the best game which combines car with football, you will be delighted to drive a car and play football using your car. You will be fascinated by the innovative concept of playing football using cars. You can play online mode as well as an offline mode, or you can take part with your team. Get ready for the new experience with “game of the year” Rocket league.


rocket league


Features of Rocket League

  1. You can customize your car with more than 100 billion combinations
  2. You will get different items when you start winning your game
  3. PVP with 8 players can take part in any match
  4. You can get amazing 4 players split screen mode
  5. Rocket league collector’s edition includes
    1. Supersonic fury
    2. Revenge of the battle cars
    3. Chaos runs
    4. 04 Battle-cars

NO 1 # Minecraft Xbox One Edition

If you want to know one game which is worth to be no one then Minecraft is worth that title. Follow your imagination, build your world and explore new game zone. Build shelter before night and save yourself from monster roaming around.

minecraft xbox one edition


Features of Minecraft

  1. Create and explore your world
  2. You can play this game with 4 players split screen
  3. Imports your worlds from another Xbox 360 to Xbox One
  4. You can play in creative mode with unlimited resources
  5. You can also mine deep into the worlds in survival mode of the game
  6. You can craft your weapons and armor to defend against mobs
  7. You can explore randomly generated worlds and build some game items
  8. You can challenge your friends in battle
Final words

We hope our article will help in your search to find best Xbox one kids game in 2018. You should always check those game which did not have much blood spill or which are not killing or shooting zombies or other players for your kids.